Well I really do not know

Yesterday I installed Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” on my system, the Cinnamon version. And I must say I really like it. It works great. Although Ubuntu MATE is still my daily driver Mint is a very close second.

Although Arch based distributions may be easier to maintain and has a lot more software available using the AUR, I really like the Debian/Ubuntu base of these distributions.

Mint 06-11-2016
Mint 06-11-2016

I love the new wallpaper, not the grey version they had in the past. This is a wallpaper I could actually keep. The default theme is Mint-X, but I changed it to the new Mint-Y Dark theme and that’s a keeper. Dark themes are really easy on the eyes and should be the default theme for all distributions. I might be installing the Arc theme though.

As the MATE Desktop is my daily driver I wanted to try something else, Cinnamon. Linux Mint 18 ships with Cinnamon 3.0 and I like it. It is a “get-out-of-the-way” desktop and it does what I want it to do. I think I will reside with this Desktop for at least a week. And then report what I liked and disliked.

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