And back to Xubuntu

Today I reinstated Xubuntu as my main desktop. I really missed the simplicity of the XFCE4 desktop environment and still wanted to remain on an Ubuntu base. Although I did like some parts of Linux Mint, I really disliked the whole package and Cinnamon especially. I just could not get used to the Cinnamon paradigm.

So I went back to Xubuntu. I installed the Ubuntu base with a mini.iso and installed Xubuntu-Core and the main applications I wanted and use on a daily basis. I will however still install Ubuntu MATE, but in a Virtualbox.

What I will do with the other partition? I am thinking about installing Solus, just to have something completely different on my second partition 🙂

So here’s my desktop today:

Xubuntu Desktop

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Another fresh install

Yes, I know, I know. Will I ever stay with anything for a while. And the answer might just be: Yes. I did a fresh install using the Ubuntu mini.iso and install Xubuntu-core. This meta-package leaves out anything you do not want and leaves the rest up to you. So I installed all necessary stuff like firefox, shutter, obs-studio, kazam and of course minecraft.

And this is what I ended up with, I really like it. I might do a distro off it too (already got a name: Fresko Linux)


A busy desktop:


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Another update

Well, it has been quiet here, I know. But I’ve just been busy.

So, today I created a Youtube channel: Linux Wizd3m, a dutch channel with reviews, tutorials, howto’s and something new: live help during live streams! Let’s see what becomes of it.

Furthermore, I am upgrading my server from 15.10 to 16.04. Hope it goes well.

And now, the obligatory screenshot:

My desktop today

And yes, I installed Xubuntu 16.04. I just couldn’t resist. It is and I guess it will be, my desktop. It just doesn’t get in the way of the stuff I want to do with it.

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